Lose Weight by Enjoying Workout

Few month ago, I feel unsatisfied with my own weight and also my body shape. I feel that I’m to fatty. I try to consume diet pills, but it has no effect :( I try to reduce my meals but I suffer also. Honestly, I love sport, I’m doing badminton, but not regularly, also sometimes I go swimming, also not regularly. I never go to gym, because I think gym is boring, and gym memberships are expensive. But one day I saw promotion in Groupon, it’s about Gym membership, it’s very cheap but it’s only 6 weeks membership, so I decided to buy it and try to do exercise, and it gave 2 times Personal Trainer too. At first and second week I only do a Cross Training for 45 minutes, and I use my free session with Personal Trainer effectively by learning how to use gym tools and how to do proper workout, and I asked many things. In that six week period, I learn much and also browsing and googling about how to do exercise for losing weight. Amazingly, I lose 2,5 kilograms in six weeks and my body also become shape. Yay !!! And I become enjoying exercise.

Well, one of my secret is I’m doing HIIT
or High Intensity Interval Training Explained
. This is what I do on Treadmill

  1. 4 minutes warming up at speed 4.5 – 5 km per h
  2. 2 minutes walking at speed 6 km per h
  3. 2 minutes running at speed 8.5 or 9 km per h
  4. Repeat no 2 and 3 for 3 times
  5. 1 minute walking at speed 6 km per h
  6. 1 minute running as fast as you can, usually I try at 11 or 12 km per h
  7. Repeat no 5 and 6 for 3 times
  8. 4 minutes Cooling down at speed 4.5 – 5 km per h

I got it from @dennysantoso

And the result is very amazing !!!!

After I’m doing it regularly also with weight training I fall in love with gym, and decided to paid some amount that I thought it’s very expensive before….

I do more research about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
, and it can burn your calories even you stop workout. I found exercise from Jillian Michaels named Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (15 DVD’s)

, it said that you can do only 30 minutes exercise and the after burn effect is 16 hours.

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